Linux Kernel Tuning

Do you need help tweaking your Linux operating system for the best performance? Just contact me and I’ll be more than happy to assist you. Tuning involves I/O scheduler tuning, ACPI power management, networking performance tuning, and even web-site tuning *WordPress/Joomla!*. Contact me


Water is the primary source of life. Without it we as humans would be dead. I have grown an interest in seeking the perfect pH of drinking water and found as a person whom consumes energy drinks that water with a pH of 9.5 *Deep Purple* is by far the best. While water is our […]

KVM *dump xml*

If you ever need to gain VNC access to a KVM virtual server and you are not sure what ip, port, or even password is needed to access VNC to a KVM VM, enter this from command line: virsh dumpxml <kvm> –security-info Replace <kvm> with the name of your virtual machine. You can get the […]

Quickly (Un)Suspend Email in Cpanel

If you need to quickly suspend e-mail for an e-mail address in cPanel and do not want to do this via the GUI, issue the following from command line as root: whmapi1 suspend_outgoing_email user=$cpuser Of course you’ll want to replace $cpuser with the username of the cpanel account you’d like to suspend e-mail for. The […]

WHM (root) passwordless

If you ever need to login to WHM/cPanel and do not have the root password, there is a call to the API you can make from command line to temporarily give you access. Just issue the following from the command line as root: whmapi1 create_user_session user=root service=whostmgrd locale=en

Clear systemd journal

Well I just had the liberty of clearing systemd journal in /var/log for the first time. I recommend using this command journalctl –vacuum-time=10d The above command will clear the journal messages older than 10 days. I recommend setting this to 5 if you are needing space.

exim eXploit – cPanel

After some extensive reading and working through an older version of EXIM mail daemon which is commonly used in cPanel, it would appear there is a nasty bug in an older version of EXIM. You will need to patch any older versions NOW or simply upgrade. There is a worm going around eXploiting the EXIM […]


Do you need some Cloud Storage or don’t really trust Google to store everything? Well, I administer webpods.ME. If you would like to have a test drive of my personal cloud storage offering, you can simply submit a ticket and I’ll get you set up for 14 days. You will get 5GB of dedicated cloud […]