• H20

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    Water is the primary source of life. Without it we as humans would be dead. I have grown an interest in seeking the perfect pH of drinking water and found as a person whom consumes energy drinks that water with a pH of 9.5 *Deep Purple* is by far the best. While water is our […]

  • SloLoris and CSF

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    IS there a SloLoris attacking going on? Do you have CSF installed? Add this to your csf.conf CONNLIMIT = 80;75,443;75,21;50 PORTFLOOD = 80;tcp;50;1,443;tcp;50;1

  • btmp and you

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    There is a file in /var/log called btmp. If you notice this file is abnormally large *say 2GB* while it should be in the less than 10MB zone, you are or had gone through an SSH Brute Force attempt. This file logs all the attempts to log-in to your server via SSH. If you have […]

  • cPanel and Web Server Troubleshooting. Need help?

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    Do you have a technical question, or need some ideas? Do you need advice on a web server or on how to go to for Web-services. Well, come Submit a Ticket and ask me a question. Yes, I have more than one web-site, but that is because I hold many skill sets. If you are […]

  • OpenVZ to KVM

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    I am currently working on merging all my OpenVZ containers to KVM as I need to be able to load specific kernel modules for each. I am also testing the performance for each Virtualization technology. So far KVM wins, but OpenVZ is much quicker and easier to manage. It is great to just “start” up […]

  • Re-nice everyone

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    Sometimes when someone wants to get past a throttle of some sort they place the niceness of a process in the negative stage. The higher the negative number the higher the more priority.. This is a burden on servers that meant to have shared allocated resources. Well, the solution. If this is a VPS and […]

  • VirtFS

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    Do you see a bunch of /home/virtfs mounts? Well there is a way to clear this from command line: /scripts/clear_orphaned_virtfs_mounts –clearall

  • Restarting PHP-FPM on cPanel

    Do you need to restart Apache and PHP-FPM? To restart PHP-FPM you would issue: /scripts/restartsrv_apache_php_fpm 

  • OpenVZ simfs to ploop

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    There are many advantages to using ploop rather than simfs. The advantage of course I choose is file security. While simfs places all the files directly on the hostname for ease of use and managing, ploop creates a virtual disk file and then put files inside this disk. When the virtual machine is started vzctl […]

  • Cerbot Free SSL

    Certbot has finally given instructions for majority of the Linux distros with various web-servers. You can find the all the instructions at this magical link:  https://certbot.eff.org/all-instructions   Here is an example of installing Certbot on a NagiosXI server: [root@nagios ~]# wget https://dl.eff.org/certbot-auto –2019-04-23 16:32:45– https://dl.eff.org/certbot-auto Resolving dl.eff.org…,,, … Connecting to dl.eff.org||:443… connected. […]