while loop (true)

Need to execute a set of commands in a loop, non-stop?

while true; do killall -9 program; sleep 3; done

This will tell your Linux O/S do killall -9, sleep for 3 seconds, and start it again. This is great if you don’t have access to a crontab or just need it for a quick fix.

Clear systemd journal

Well I just had the liberty of clearing systemd journal in /var/log for the first time. I recommend using this command

 journalctl --vacuum-time=10d

The above command will clear the journal messages older than 10 days. I recommend setting this to 5 if you are needing space.


Water is the primary source of life. Without it we as humans would be dead. I have grown an interest in seeking the perfect pH of drinking water and found as a person whom consumes energy drinks that water with a pH of 9.5 *Deep Purple* is by far the best.

While water is our source of life, what is the source of life for technology? Us! We are the source of its life. So we must learn how to overcome some of the biggest hurdles we are presented with when working with technology.

On this web-site I will provide tips and information on how to make life just a tad easier. Given I have time to update.

If at anytime you have questions you can e-mail me: robert@robertsarea.com or open a ticket at https://tickets.linuxgu.com/open.php

cPanel and Web Server Troubleshooting. Need help?

Do you have a technical question, or need some ideas? Do you need advice on a web server or on how to go to for Web-services. Well, come Submit a Ticket and ask me a question. Yes, I have more than one web-site, but that is because I hold many skill sets. If you are in need of where to host your website, I know of a great company that can do that for you, and much more!

Don’t spend countless hours doing a Google Search for advice, just Submit a Ticket.


Do you see a bunch of /home/virtfs mounts? Well there is a way to clear this from command line:

/scripts/clear_orphaned_virtfs_mounts --clearall

Back in Black

As the saying goes from ACDC – I am back in Black!

After a long well needed and necessary timeout in my life, I am back with technical tips and tricks. It’s been a while so let me catch up on the latest changes of each system.

It is one thing to be selfish, it is another to be selfless. Love and live is better than to be known and wealthy.