OpenVZ to KVM

I am currently working on merging all my OpenVZ containers to KVM as I need to be able to load specific kernel modules for each. I am also testing the performance for each Virtualization technology. So far KVM wins, but OpenVZ is much quicker and easier to manage. It is great to just “start” up […]

Re-nice everyone

Sometimes when someone wants to get past a throttle of some sort they place the niceness of a process in the negative stage. The higher the negative number the higher the more priority.. This is a burden on servers that meant to have shared allocated resources. Well, the solution. If this is a VPS and […]


Do you see a bunch of /home/virtfs mounts? Well there is a way to clear this from command line: /scripts/clear_orphaned_virtfs_mounts –clearall

OpenVZ simfs to ploop

There are many advantages to using ploop rather than simfs. The advantage of course I choose is file security. While simfs places all the files directly on the hostname for ease of use and managing, ploop creates a virtual disk file and then put files inside this disk. When the virtual machine is started vzctl […]

Cerbot Free SSL

Certbot has finally given instructions for majority of the Linux distros with various web-servers. You can find the all the instructions at this magical link:   Here is an example of installing Certbot on a NagiosXI server: [root@nagios ~]# wget –2019-04-23 16:32:45– Resolving…,,, … Connecting to||:443… connected. […]

UFW – Ubuntu Firewall

Ubuntu comes packed with some awesome features. UFW aka Uncomplicated Firewall is one of those necessary tools when running an Ubuntu server. This artcle will explain in detail how to get UFW working and why you should start using it.


Let’s start that this is no easy task. It does take some time and customizing according to how you like your setup. For this tutorial I spent 90% following Since Ubuntu is not really my speciality I find it’s confguration out of the box is much simpler. So get yourself an Ubuntu 16.04 VPS […]

Apache Won’t Start

Clear out your active semaphores Semaphores? What the heck is a semaphore? Well, it’s actually an apparatus for conveying information by means of visual signals. But, when it comes to programming, semaphores are used for communicating between the active processes of a certain application. In the case of Apache, they’re used to communicate between the […]

CSF – Proactive Firewall

I believe that saying goes for even Linux Systems. The Firewall is the most important tool you’ll need to avoid intrusion, attacks, and break-ins. In late 2011 while I was employed for a Shared Hosting company I fell in love with CSF ( CSF can be configured on almost anything with or without cPanel. I […]